How to Interpret, Use and Understand the Various International Guidelines on Feedwater, Boiler Water and Steam Chemistry

This video shows a lecture held virtually by PPCHEM’s Michael Rziha at The Swedish Feedwater Association’s Conference 2020/Matarvattenkonferensen 2020 in November 2020.

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This presentation will give you a quick overview and comparison of the current existing guidelines, such as IAPWS, VGB, EN and others. An often occurring issue for numerous organizations is to define which standard is applicable and which limit values should be followed, respectively which treatment offered by those guidelines should be chosen. Therefore it is essential to understand the basic philosophy of each standard and its principle goals.

Additionally the origin of the most important limit values, as well as the philosophy of the action levels, will be explained.

Possible misuse and false interpretation and application will be highlighted based on some examples.

Additional note: While watching the video, you might notice that Michael’s articulation is not quite what you are used to from him. This is due to him still recovering from a stroke he had suffered six week before this presentation.