Consulting & Training


We are offering our international and widely accepted experience and expertise for all hot topics related to power plant chemistry for thermal power plants of all types and sizes, whether it is an industrial plant, small or big sized, combined cycle plant, fired boilers, co-generation or solar.
Our service is independent and neutral, as well as based on the latest and current state of the art and guidelines, such as IAPWS, VGB or other applicable standards.
Our Chief Key Expert Power Plant Chemistry, Michael Rziha, will be your partner for all consultancy and training aspects.

We can provide our services in German, English or Spanish.

We will provide consultancy for all various stages of a power plant project, such as:


  • Guidelines such as IAPWS, VGB and other applicable standards
  • Plant and Boiler / HRSG design (also materials)
  • Feedwater, boiler and steam chemistry
  • Flow-accelerated corrosion
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Sampling and monitoring incl. Data evaluation and data management
  • Water treatment plants and condensate polishing plants
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Layup and storage
  • Commissioning
  • Air Inleakages
  • Chemical dosing systems

We can provide our services in German, English or Spanish

PPCHEM AG is offering any kind of chemistry training programs for all aspects of power plant chemistry, such as:

Individual and customized inhouse chemistry training

We will come to you at your location and will conduct a tailor-made training for any kind of power plant chemistry topics, participants and level of required knowledge. Instead of hiring our Chief Key Expert Michael Rziha to hold a seminar or training on site, companies can purchase a webinar for their employees.

Simply contact us and discuss with us your detailed requirements and needs!