About Us

PPCHEM’s journey begins with a journal and a different name. In June 2009 the company – at that time a small, freshly founded publishing house under the name of Waesseri GmbH – took over the publication of the PowerPlant Chemistry® journal, which had already made a name for itself internationally since it’s first publication in 1999. The journal’s founder was won over and continued to function as the journal’s editor-in-chief until the end of 2014.  The company made it their mission to provide its customers with the latest in-depth knowledge about power plant chemistry. This is why in addition to publishing the journal, Waesseri GmbH started organizing seminars and conferences all over the world to provide a platform for sharing knowledge with one’s peers.
In 2019 the company underwent a major reorganization and was rebranded as PPCHEM AG. With the addition of an expert in plant chemistry, this new company was able to expand its services. Aside from the previously offered services “publishing” and “conferences”, a third segment “consulting” was added.

Business Areas


In June 1999 the first issue of our Journal was published – at that time under the name of The PowerPlant Chemistry® journal. Since then the journal has become established as an international scientific and technical journal for users in the entire power generation market.
In 2019, the journal was redesigned and has been published under the name PPCHEM® journal since.
The PPCHEM® journal wants to serve all users who are involved in efforts to increase reliability, availability, economic viability, and the operational and environmental safety of these processes.

Conferences & Seminars

PPCHEM AG organizes international conferences and forums all over the world as a platform for sharing experiences and discoveries. The well-known and established formats are PCIS (Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar), PPCF (PowerPlant Chemistry Forum), and the PPCHEM Seminar.

Consulting & Training

PPCHEM AG is also offering technical consulting services related to water treatment, cycle chemistry in power and industrial plants of all types and sizes. During the design phase of a power plant, owner’s engineers and EPCs will be able to obtain expert advice and support. Power plant operators are able to contract PPCHEM AG for site-specific support ranging from assessments, troubleshooting, to the optimisation of cycle chemistry regimes and the related training of operators.


Michael Rziha

Chief Key Expert
Power Plant Chemistry

Tapio Werder

Editor in Chief

Corinne Kirchhofer

Communications Manager