Wolfgang Rost

After completing his degree in process technology, Wolfgang joined Siemens Power Generation, where he worked worldwide as a commissioning engineer from 1993 until 2004.

During this period Wolfgang acted as a system commissioning engineer for all relevant power plant systems, a mechanical commissioning manager, a general commissioning manager and a senior site manager.

After his return to the head office, from 2005 until 2007 Wolfgang was assigned to the new organization of chemical cleaning and all related engineering activities, such as steam blowing, within the construction organization, where he built up a group of experts.

He then joined the engineering organization, taking over the so-called “Centre of Technology Steam Generator System” where he was in charge until 2017.

Afterwards Wolfgang headed the mechanical engineering department, where he was responsible for the engineering groups “pumps,” “HRSG modification & upgrades,” and “water chemistry & cleaning systems.”

In addition to his main duties, Wolfgang led several task forces, was deployed as a project manager for special projects and inventive developments and also acted as a project engineering manager during proposal and execution phases.

He left Siemens Energy in October 2020. Wolfgang joined the PPCHEM team in October 2021 as Senior Key Expert for Power Plant Technology.


    P.O. Box 433
    8340 Hinwil

    Mobile: +41 (0)79 418 27 36
    Phone: +41 (0)44 940 23 00
    E-mail: wolfgang.rost@ppchem.com